Are we the right fit?

While we have a strong team of accountants, advisors, tax experts and superannuation specialists here at DJ Cooper Accounting, and we love working with a diverse range of people and businesses, we don’t open our doors to work with everyone.

We’ll be able to support you best if you can see yourself in one of these categories:

You fit into this category if you are an established business owner with substantial turnover and you are looking for:

  • Proactive expert advice you can trust;
  • Provision of well-considered strategies; and
  • Personal guidance to set and achieve your business and lifestyle goals.


You want informed, timely advice and direction for making the most of your business opportunity and personal wealth.

You appreciate the need for protection of the assets you have accumulated and those to come in the future. Our asset protection and business structures advice will help you protect these.

You recognise that remaining relevant and continuing to grow will provide the options you need for selling or retiring.

Does this sound like you? Then get in touch with us today!

You fit into this category if you’ve started your own business and are progressive and driven to succeed. You understand that specialised advice and guidance will help you to achieve your expansion and profit goals.

You want to get things right and you want to work with a financial expert who can take the stress off your shoulders.

Ideally, you’re looking for help with:

  • Crafting a strategic plan that actually works;
  • Smart tax planning that will save you and your business money;
  • Protecting your assets and structuring your business in the best way possible;
  • Using the best technology available for accounting and financial management;
  • Regular bookkeeping to keep you running smoothly;
  • Cash flow and budgeting assistance and advice so you can make better decisions;
  • Employee set-up and superannuation;
  • Developing business plans and checking legal obligations.


Does this sound like you? Then get in touch with us today!

Whether you are a self-funded retiree, a business owner seeking to utilise an SMSF to make the most of all of your assets, looking to acquire property in your SMSF, or simply want to use your SMSF to take control of your investments, we can help.

You are financially secure and have a SMSF or are a savvy investor, with professional support, you want to maintain control of your finances so you can embrace your chosen pursuits in retirement.

Self-managed super funds, where you make all the decisions about investment options, are becoming more popular, but you need to keep on top of administration and management, and ensure you comply with all the relevant regulations. And there are a lot. Thankfully, our friendly team of accountants know how to set up your fund and help you manage it.

Does this sound like you? Then get in touch with us today!


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